Too Cold for Wooly Sheep?

In recent years there have been many arguments against a December birth of Jesus and one of the most common objections is that the weather is too cold for sheep and shepherds to be out in the fields. Aside from the abundance of historical and Scriptural data that proves otherwise, the simple fact is that Bethlehem, like all of Israel, lies in a moderate region of the Mediterranean basin. The winters in this temperate region are mild and rainy, with occasional dips down into freezing temps and a light snowfall every three or four years that quickly melts away as the weather warms back up.

The average night time low temperature in Bethlehem in December is 50 degrees F. which is mild by any standards and certainly not too cold for wooly sheep or rugged shepherds to be out in the fields, which Talmudic evidence states they were, year round.


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