Gentle Captor - A Poem

Gentle Captor

He captured my attention

With the promises He spoke He caught my curiosity

With questions He evoked.

I found my mind consumed with Him My heart began to long For the whisper of His gentle voice The music of His song.

This One Whom I had hid from In the darkness of the night Had pursued me without faltering And caught me in His light.

No refuge from those piercing eyes No secrets left to hide Everything laid bare to Him He could not be denied.

I yielded to Him at last My will did finally break All that I had ever been Was fully His to take.

This Conqueror of my weary mind This Captor of my soul Reached out to me with tenderness And made my spirit whole.

He touched me with a purging touch My sin-stained garments gone And clothed me in His righteousness The radiance of the Son.

No more will I seek freedom From the chains He's put me in But I'll strive to make my every thought Obedient to Him~

Author Unknown

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